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Holistic Spine clinic, The spinal treatment clinic in Ahmedabad
 for the treatment of the spinal disorders. We have the multidisciplinary as well as best spine doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India & Africa team can help the patient to reduce the risk of the spinal injury and nerve damage by correcting the deformity of the spine

Having treated more than 2 lacs new patients and operated about 20,000 till date, the centre remains the most experienced centre for spine care. We believe every patient is different and has different spine problems, so we provide custom made treatment to individuals, with our expertise. It has State of the Art technology, which is unparalleled in this region. Holistic spine clinic is for Outdoor, Preoperative and postoperative patients.

True to our name "HOLISTIC", we provide complete care to all our spine patients including "Rehab".

Treatment and after care is customised to suit varied needs is each patient depending upon age, occupation and social activities.



To provide safe, ethical, predictable and reproducible  patient centred health care for spinal disorders with empathy, by competent & motivated health care professionals.


Team & Vision

Holistic spine clinic is your one stop solution for all kind of spine problems. DR.PRAVEEN SAXENA is the Chief and Experienced spine surgeon of the team. He is practising exclusively in the field of spine surgery with experience of more than 20 years. Team is committed to deliver consistent and safe solution to all spinal Problems. Team also boast of bringing cutting edge technology and advance like Neurological Monitoring and Minimal Invasive surgery to provide successful results in the various complex situations. Apart from offering all kind of surgical solution, team also gives emphasis on prevention of various Spine problems by creating awareness about principles of spine care. To develop super/sub speciality for spinal disorders for upcoming challenges of ‘Age Quake’. Prevention and treatment of chronic spinal pain disorders by developing life style modification.


OPD Facilities

Holistic spine clinic has a full time spine surgeon, who take care of assessment & educate patients. Holistic spine clinic has efficient management team who handles nonclinical work. OPD functions six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Individual spine surgeons can be consulted with prior appointment. Patient can book appointment by our website or on call or through the personal appointment. Those needy patients who walk-in without prior appointment are catered care by our team members. Important aspect is LIFE style Modification, the conservative group of patients are advised to visit the clinic.


Why you should come to Holistic Spine Clinic ?

Throughout our work history, we have recorded advance treatments and surgical solutions for our each & every patients' spinal issues. Backed by team of highly experienced spine experts and diligent staff, HOLISTIC SPINE CLINIC  is reckoned as one of the premier spine clinic in the country and is well known for providing advanced treatments for complex spine problems.

Holistic spine clinic also caters to psychological needs of spine patients as we have on board an experienced and qualified Psychoanalyst.


PAIN Care Management

Beyond surgical treatment a holistic approach with Body Mind Care and counselling is taken for the worst pains which is not surgically amenable.



Consultant at Holistic spine clinic would have taken more than 1000 combined lectures at various national, regional and local bodies to spread teach the spine treating community of surgeons.